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We asked CX experts the following question regarding the future of digital customer experience, and they were kind enough to share their insights with us:

What emerging trend or technology in CX are you most excited about? How do you see this impacting the industry?

Capital One

Joe Whitchurch Headshot

Head of Customer Experience and Innovation – Small Business Card,
Joe Whitchurch

For the first time in history, we have the technology to capture and study customer experience in ways we never could before. No longer are we beholden to infrequent surveys to measure the impact of CX. Now, we’re equipped with big data, AI, cloud computing and more. The power and promise of these technologies allows us to better understand how customers are navigating our digital experiences, to transcribe and measure emotion on every single phone call, to analyze reviews and comments made anywhere on the internet, and to understand causality and ROI for CX in ways we could never imagine only a few years ago. This new, unprecedented level of insight will revolutionize the CX discipline.

Gusto 54 Restaurant Group

Juanita Dickson Headshot

Juanita Dickson

From a trend perspective, I hope that we see people investing more in Customer Experience because it really is something that demands leadership buy-in. Right now, we hear the term “Customer Experience” floating around, but are restaurants really investing in it? And if so, to what extent? I believe that if we are to survive, in any business, our hearts must be with the customers whose support keeps our doors open, and that means we need to put our money where our mouth is. Put simply, I anticipate that more c-suite personnel will buy into this pressing need.

From a technology perspective, I think we can expect artificial intelligence to play a bigger role. We’re now able to access so much valuable data about our customers but we don’t have the capacity to absorb it and utilize it in real, tangible ways. Does this mean a lack of personalization in our approaches? To the contrary. These advancements in AI will allow us to take mountains of data and organize it efficiently so that we can actually
use it to personalize the experiences of our next guest.

Another technology specific to the restaurant/hospitality side is 3D technology. It will be very interesting to see the role technology will need to play in delivering a consistent experience while still being profitable given the economics of the increasing minimum wage. I recently read an article about a new app called KABAQ which helps customers make food choices by showing highly-realistic 3D images of menu items. This is just one example of many that are starting to be made available to our industry. These types of solutions will enable us to think differently, market differently and not have to compromise on the customer experience as labour models change.