Best Practices: Real-Time Interaction Management

The secret weapon for great customer experiences

Learn how to serve the Next Best Experience for your customers— every time.

In our latest guide, we discuss the best practices of real-time interaction management, and the steps necessary to achieve omnichannel, real-time journey interactions for your business.
In this guide, you’ll receive:

– An introduction to the real-time interaction management landscape, and its importance to the customer experience
– The chance to learn where and when RTIM typically falls short, and how to prevent those issues from happening when instituting a real-time solution
– Best practices for achieving business success leveraging real-time interactivity
– How real-time is the secret weapon that marketers and cx-professionals both need to support customer experiences today

How to Strengthen Consumer Interactions by Revamping Your Contact Centre Touchpoint

By: Dina Fakhry, VP, Retail, Improvement, Customer Experience, Standard Life

Find out how Standard Life builds trusted relationships with customers by offering personalized, consistent and value added service, utilizing the Contact Centre as a primary entry point for customer service. Delve into their secrets and explore:

  • Customer centric practices that focus on quality, efficiency and ease of doing business
  • Employees who are enabled by recruitment and management best practices that emphasize engagement, integration, training, and responsibility
  • Internal partnerships, which leverage departmental resources across the organization to provide all- encompassing customer solutions

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Use Your Content to Set the Customer Experience Stage

By: Pamela Kostur, Partner, Parallax Communications

Whether it’s a marketing piece, billing statement, FAQ, or user guide, your content sets the stage for your customer’s experience. It’s the crucial first step in providing the optimum customer experience, and it’s often overlooked.

Learn how you can build a content strategy to improve the customer experience while advancing your business objectives. Gain insights and tactics you can use to:

  • Connect your content to the customer experience
  • Develop content that supports customers and business objectives
  • Create and manage a needs-sensitive, channel-specific content strategy

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Exceptional Experience or Bust: The New performance Standard – Lessons From 150 Transformations

By: Lior Arussy, President, Strativity Group

Customer Experience is high on the Executive agenda; yet few companies manage to make more than incremental improvements. Moreover, when deployed strategically Customer Experience will lead to double digit growth and greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Drawing upon the experience of over 150 client projects, this presentation will explore the execution blueprint to customer centricity transformation.

  • Explore the execution blueprint of customer centricity
  • Obstacles to customer centricity deployment
  • The Best or Nothing – The Mercedes Benz case study


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