Top 5 Reasons to Sponsor

  1. Meet hundreds of top CX executives across the Private and Public Sectors
    This is the largest gathering of highly vetted senior customer service decision makers in North America, allowing you to connect with leading brands all in one place, at one time. Make sure you are at the centre of action, where important conversations on new investments are initiated.
  2. Build brand awareness and establish credibility
    Capture opportunities across the entire CX sector for your services and products. Partake in presentations, Q&A, and networking to source vital business intelligence. Know what your prospects are looking for to better position and differentiate your offering.
  3. Demonstrate thought leadership to receptive decision-makers
    Showcase your company’s expertise with a customized speaking platform. The opportunity to participate and deliver educational content increases receptivity to your brand and sales efforts.
  4. Become a provider of choice within this multi-billion dollar industry
    At the heart of the CX community, you can solidify your reputation in front of key prospects and clients. An exhibit booth is ideal whether you have a new product launch, want to do hands-on demonstrations, or want to stand out against the competition.
  5. Get quality face-time with 10+ hours of dedicated networking

    Nothing beats connecting in person! Build on your existing relationships and take it one step further in an intimate setting. Our audience of CX executives are exactly who you want to connect with to make and influence purchasing decisions.

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