Specifically designed for Customer Experience and Marketing executives:

Financial Services, Hospitality, Entertainment, Venues, Telecom, Transport, Technology, Retail, Food Services, and Pharmaceuticals

CEO | CMO | Chief Customer Officer | VP/ Director of Customer Experience/ Strategy/ Loyalty/ Engagement/ Insight | Head of Marketing/ Brand/ Operations | Customer Care/ Service

  • Bolster your marketing platform and brand experience
  • Inspire your employees and build a customer-centric culture
  • Leverage the successes and challenges of other organizations for CX transformation
  • Engage customers with the latest e-commerce and social media tools

Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Government Departments; Universities, Utilities, Crown Corporations

President | EVP | Director/ Head of Customer Experience/ Marketing/ Operations/ Public Relations

  • Deliver quality multi-channel experiences for your citizens
  • Hone proactive engagement strategies for efficient CX
  • Implement best practices at your contact centre
  • Foster a citizen-centric culture for positive customer experience

CEM / EFM / VOC/ CRM / Measurement / Management / Strategy Consultants, Software Providers, Marketing and Interactive Agencies, and Industry Stakeholders

Director/ VP of Sales/ Marketing/ Business Development | Consultant

  • Network with top industry professionals
  • Be shortlisted on RFPs
  • Advance innovation and industry best practices


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